Five Things to Know Before You Open the Garden Gate

What To Expect From Your In-Store Visit To Your Local Adam & Eve

Ever been to an adult store before? Are you an online-only shopper for adult products? There are lots of reasons to visit your Adam & Eve Durham, NC Store in-person (and we’ll get to those), but there are also a few things you should know before you open the Garden gate. Make the most of a good time (in-store and after!) by knowing what to expect of an Adam & Eve Durham Store outing.

As Socrates Would Say: Know Thyself (And Thy Partner)

What turns you on? What’s your partner’s fantasy? What kinds of play have you and your partner discussed? Do you know what areas of your partner’s body are the most stimulating for him/her/them? These are questions you need to think about. While variety is the spice of life, as they say, don’t add salt to a sweet night by throwing a new toy in the mix just because you want your partner to try a new flavor. If your partner is open to trying new things and has communicated this in some way, they might enjoy a surprise; but as in all things, communication is key. Keep the experience fun for both of you by introducing a toy that will be well received. Even better--give your partner this A Month of Sex game! It’s sure to start some conversations (and a lot of fun!)!And put a bow on it. Everyone likes to unwrap presents.

You Don’t Know Unless You Ask

Asking questions is a good thing! Adam & Eve Durham Store employees are deeply knowledgeable about their products, and they are in-store to help you make the best decision for you. They can tell you about the pros and cons of different materials, the best ways to keep your toys clean, the right lubes to use with different toys, what’s popular, and they can point you in the right direction for different kinds of play. They can tell you which toys are great for solo play and which toys are designed to be used with a partner, and they can find or order things that you can’t locate or aren’t currently in stock. Need it fast? They can handle that too and rush the shipping. Want to try something new? They can make suggestions based on your preferences. Looking for a gift? With a little information (see #1), they can help you find just what you need. Our employees are trained to do their jobs and they want you to walk out with the tools, so to say, that you need to build a better sex life. What shouldn’t you ask? Don’t ask, “What’s the best?” That’s an impossible question to answer because different strokes for different folks, right? What works like a house on fire for one person is like a bucket of cold water for another. Bodies are complex and so are people, so when in doubt, see question #1. Feel free to ask an employee how a toy works or what body part it’s targeted for, but our employees aren’t psychics—they can’t tell you definitively which toy your partner is going to scream for. If you know what your partner likes, chances are we can help you pick out the right option to light some fireworks. Also, don’t ask employees what their favorite toys are or what they’ve tried and if they enjoyed it. If employees want to share, they will. You go into our store with the option of preserving your privacy; avoid awkward moments by letting store employees have theirs as well.

Laughter Is Good For The Soul (But Can Sometimes Hurt Feelings)

Sex can be awkward and funny, and so can sex toys and adult products. We sell novelty items that are sure to at least make you crack a smile, but if you’re just coming in for a giggle, reconsider. Why? Because while sex toys are designed to help you let go and have fun, sex is important stuff, and most people come into our store because they seriously want to explore all that we have to offer them and get more satisfaction (and yes, fun!) from their sex lives. We like a good ha-ha as much as the next guy, but adult products are also personal, private, and emotional to a lot of people. So, come in with good intentions, get awkward, get real, laugh about the possibilities of it all, but leave judgements at the door. Adam & Eve Durham is a judgement-free zone. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, what you want to explore, and how to use our products to find more satisfaction in your life—that’s why we’re here—just be respectful of your fellow shoppers.

Getting Slippery Is A Good Thing

Everybody needs lube (or they should at least try it).Many women are embarrassed about their need for lube—don’t be! Any adult store employee can tell you that lube makes everything better, whether dryness is a problem or not. Natural lubrication has very little to do with arousal, and it can be affected by antihistamines, antidepressants, and hormonal fluctuations (to name a few things), so don’t be embarrassed, be ready! Our employees can tell you all you need to know about various lubes--the pros and cons of water-based vs silicone (and which ones to use with specific materials), flavored lubes, which lubes are best for anal play, and which lubes are the most popular. If we haven’t convinced you yet that there’s nothing embarrassing about grabbing some lube for a slippery slide, how about this—1.) Women can reach orgasm faster with lube (even naturally wet women), and 2.) lube reduces the failure of condoms. Stock up.

Shopping In-Store Gives You More To Explore!

Shopping for sex toys in-person means you can see the actual size of the toy, feel the texture, take note of the flexibility, find out how loud it may be, try it on (when available or appropriate), and feel the different speeds and vibration modes of vibrators and clitoral stimulators. Maybe you enjoy the anonymity of shopping online (and we get that) but refer back to #3 (no-judgement zone) and take the plunge! Visit the Adam & Eve Durham Store! We think you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll feel comfortable browsing, asking questions, and exploring products you didn’t know existed. When you come into your Adam & Eve Durham Store, we guarantee you’ll find products you haven’t seen before, and/or you’ll notice products you’ve seen online and considered buying but find that a closer look makes you think twice and keep searching. Also, you can make sure your product works before you walk out the door (and how to use it if you’re not quite sure about its possibilities). Sex toys are generally final sale; don’t get stuck with a toy that doesn’t measure up to your hopes. Come into our store and explore (and support a local business!)!

Now that you know the ins and outs of shopping at your Adam & Eve Durham Store, come and see us! We’re here to answer your questions, make suggestions, and send you home with more than just a shopping bag. We’re a pick-your-own-adventure adult store that could lead you to places you’ve never considered armed with all the information you need make the most of every minute!

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